Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First Ever Talkative Tuesday- Lyn Lloyd Designs

Welcome to a new feature called Talkative Tuesday! In this feature we will interview a very successful Etsy seller! This week our seller is the wonderful Lyn Lloyd Designs! This wonderful seller is a graphic designer. Here is my interview with Lyn Lloyd Designs:

What products do you sell?

      I sell graphics. Mostly shop banners for Etsy shops and logo designs. I have also done web banners, business cards, ad designs, flyer designs, brochure designs, wedding invitations, stickers, tile designs for scrabble necklaces and glass necklaces. 

Where did you get your shop name?

     I got my shop name from my nickname “Lyn”. My real name is Carolyn, but in high school I wanted everyone to call me Lyn because I hated the name Carolyn for some reason. I always thought it sounded like a grandma name. Now I like both, but I still have a soft spot for my nickname. I think it’s cute. Lloyd is my grandmother’s maiden name. I have always loved it and I don’t know why. Mostly because I think it sounds soft and pretty. It reminds me of the 30s. It sounds like a name from the past…

How did you get into graphic design?

     I can’t remember the exact date, but I’ve always loved art. You could find pictures of me creating things from a very young age. My passion for it grew and grew as I got older, which is usually the opposite for most people. I took my first real art class in 8th grade when I quit the cello. In high school I loved comic books and started trying to be a comic book artist. I had big dreams to one day illustrate a comic book. Then during my senior year of high school I found my style. I found it by doing patterns and designs that I loved instead of creating what I thought looked good. I fell in love with pen & ink and watercolors. They are still my favorite medium to use. I have always had a love for logos and things like that. So, it was just a natural career choice. 

What was you inspiration for this shop?

      My father. He gave me the confidence to start my own shop. But as for designs, it comes from anywhere. Usually I listen to music. 

How do you work? Describe your working style.

     It’s not that structured I suppose, but it’s close. I wake up around 9 ish and have tea with toast and walk my dogs. I love running so I try to fit that in before I go to work. I start at noon. I get all the housework done about at noon so it’s always a good time to get working. I put on Radio Paradise or sometimes I watch a show while I’m designing. Half my screen is Illustrator and half is Hulu or Netflix. 

Can you tell one random fact about yourself?

     My favorite show is Doctor Who. 

What tips can you give to someone starting the same kind of business?

     Be unique! Don’t copy anyone else’s style because that’s just boring.

If you could do one thing differently with your shop, what would it be and why? 

     Post a lot more every day because I need the exposure. 

Interviewing this wonderful seller was great! I am sure after reading this, you want to go right to her store and buy a banner!  Great seller with great advice!