Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First Ever Wacky Wednesday- LuvToSparkLe

Welcome to our first ever Wacky Wednesday. In this feature we will focus on sellers with wacky, crazy, or offbeat items. This week our wacky seller is LuvToSparkLe! She is a wonderful seller with a few offbeat items! One offbeat item she sells are her "Dead Men Tell No Tales Rings".  These rings feature a skull which can get a little creepy for those offbeat people! Most of the things in her shop like this "Ugly Duckling Necklace", "I Scream for Ice Cream Sprinkles Necklace", and her "I Heart Candy Rings", you will not ever see again because they are just so wacky! So next time you want to show off your love for candy, just wear your new I Heart Candy Ring!

Dead Men Tell No Tales-Pretty in Pink Adjustable Ring

Pink Skull Barrettes

Kitty in Love Resin Sprinkles Necklace
I Scream For Ice Cream Resin Sprinkles Necklace

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