Friday, July 16, 2010

Favorite Friday- Robin Charlotte

Welcome to another feature of Favorite Friday. This week our feature is on the shop, Robin Charlotte (search peacocktaco). This shop specializes in recycled taxidermy jewelry and air plant terrariums. I love this seller for obvious reasons. I mean, how many times on Etst to you see recycled taxidermy jewelry? Unless you have connections or something, I doubt you see it a lot. Now when you think about dead animals in jewelry, it sounds not so pretty. But before you make that assumption, take a look at her shop. These jewelry pieces are beautiful! They are also really elegant like this Seahorse Necklace. Her Air Plant Terrariums are also very pretty. It would make even the ugliest plant look beautiful! Take a look at this terrarium shaped as a bunny! Even if her jewelry isn't the most common, it is really amazing!

Taxidermy Zebra Fish Porthole Belt Buckle

Bee and Crab Earrings


  1. WOW! What a talented artist!
    I love the taxidermy jewelry and the water colors are great too (especially the bat).
    The detail and craftmanship are just breathtaking. What a creative and beautiful form of expression.
    I'm definitely going to bookmark this shop!

  2. I love her work!! Every piece is so unique!