Saturday, July 3, 2010

First Ever Something New Saturday- Blue-Green Bracelet.

Welcome to the first ever Something New Saturday! In this feature, we will share a new piece of jewelry! This week, our new piece is called Blue-Green with Clear Crystals Bracelet. Our description states: You will love this amazing bracelet! It is very simple, beaded with blue-green glass beads and two pretty, clear crystals. It is closed with a simple clasp. It is a great casual bracelet for a normal day. It will catch people's eyes when they pass by! This bracelet has a diameter of 6.75 inches (17.1 centimeters). This description is very true! The crystals are really pretty and just pull it together. It costs $6.00 which is a very reasonable price! You may have realized that on Through the Process Thursday, we showed a different bracelet. Well due to camera troubles, that listing has not been added yet so we added a listing to a very similar bracelet which is equally as beautiful! I hope you enjoy it!

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