Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Talkative Tuesday- Renee Anne

Welcome to another Talkative Tuesday! This one will be on the seller Renee Anne! Take a look at my interview with her!

What products do you sell?
     At my shop I sell my original paintings, fine art reproduction prints as well as a small selection of recycled paper goods

Where did you get your shop name? 
     My shop name is my name. It's my first and middle name. People usually just call me RenĂ©e.

How did you get into artwork?
     Since I was very young I've always been a creative person. Drawing and various other crafts have always been my hobbies. It wasn't until a little over 10 years ago that I decided to try watercolor painting. My parents, my husband and children have been a constant encouragement and support throughout my life, always complementing and guiding in various ways. As time passes I am realizing more and more that being creative is an essential part of who I am and that I feel much more myself when I make art.

What was your inspiration for this shop?
     A friend suggested that my art would be perfect on Etsy. When she said this I had never heard of Etsy but joined right away after I checked it out for myself. I just love Etsy, what is offers and the community. My faith, my family especially my husband and two young boys and my friends all inspire the artwork that's found at the shop.

Describe your workspace and how it works for you.
     My workplace is not ideal. I would love to have my own room to work in but at this point it's just not possible. Currently, I paint on a desk in our living room. I have my paints stored high on a shelf beside the desk and set everything up every time I'm going to paint. The light in the living room is perfect. There are four large windows in the space and one is right over the desk. The kids are usually running around, playing and such while I paint but I do take advantage of nap time. I also have a very large printer and this is stored in my basement on a desk there. My basement is unfinished and there is hardly any light so I could never paint there but it's perfect for storing, printing and packing up orders. My computer is portable so I just bring it into the basement whenever I need to use the printer there.

Can you tell us one random fact about yourself?
     I used to be a synchronized swimmer.

What is your favorite item in your shop and why?
     It's really difficult for me to choose just one favorite item from my shop because all of my paintings sometimes feel like their my babies and I can't choose just one favorite. I really like my 4 X 4 paintings, I think "Phoebe" or "To the Ocean" are some of my favorites. The original painting "Two Birds with Heart" is also special to me and is hanging above the headboard of our bed in the master bedroom. The reproduction print is available at the shop.

Gray Bird 4x4 Print- Phoebe
To the Ocean- 4x4 Watercolor Painting
Watercolor Print- Two Birds With Heart

What tips can you give to someone starting the same kind of business?
     Create what you love and keep it up. Take advantage of being a part of the Etsy community, every one there is always so helpful and there are so many resources available on Etsy to help artists. 

If you could do one thing differently with your shop, what would it be and why?
     I'm actually currently re-designing my blog and I'm sure some of that will spill into my Etsy shop. I'm trying to unify things more, be more focussed I guess. That's what I would do differently. Ideally I think I should have started out that way but that's not how it happened. Things tend to evolve but having a focussed theme and look is important because I think it makes you stand out. I would love to do this on a full-time or at least more part-time basis but I'm taking things slow as I'm still at home with our two boys. My hope is that I'll be creating even more in the future

Thanks so much for the interview, reneeanne! Please check out her shop to see more of her wonderful artwork!

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