Friday, July 2, 2010

First Ever Favorite Friday- Super Cooper Creations

Welcome to the first ever Favorite Friday. In this feature, we will share our favorite shops from Etsy. This week, our favorite shop is Super Cooper Creations! This is really a great shop. As you look at this shop, you probably realize how great this sellers items are, like Sara, one of her dolls! Then you realize that this seller is only thirteen! Her amazing items are very cool. She sells dolls, doll accessories, paper crafts, jewelry, fabric purses, knitted purses, scarves, and paintings. She has a lot of experience, with her mother as a mentor. Her mom also has a shop, Cooperdolls! It is really great to see that there are other teenagers on Etsy, just like me and my sister. So, go on, check out Super Cooper Creations and her mothers shop Cooperdolls!


Fireworks Flip Book

Coral Puff Bead Bracelet (Polymer Clay)
Girly Purse


  1. Anonymous7/02/2010

    Wow! This seller makes amazing dolls! And only thirteen?!

  2. Thanks so much again!