Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wacky Wednesday- Yeah I'm Groovy

Yet again, another Wacky Wednesday with the amazing seller, Yeah I'm Groovy!  The seller is a college student at Longwood University! This seller has a wacky handmade section that will make you smile! You could get a cute little Super Smiley Pendant made by the the seller's brother. Her Kawaii Rings will make you crazy! You can get many types of handmade jewelry. However, my favorite piece of jewelry from Yeah I'm Groovy is her off beat and very cute earrings, What I Think of Love Super Retro Kitsch Dangle Earrings Cloud Heart! They remind me of cute cartoons. It would be very hard to find ones like this. I really recommend them! Yeah I'm Groovy's shop is quite amazing and off beat and great for people that want to stand out from the crowd!

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  1. Wacky tacky awesome <3 thanks MK!