Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wacky Wednesday- Bambini Bohemi

Welcome, again, to Wacky Wednesday! This week we will be featuring the shop Bambini Bohemi (search moparmeg). Her adorable logos on every one of her blankets are very wacky! Each baby blanket comes with a cute logo with a baby with wings on it. This logo will just make you smile :) Some of her blankets are also cute and wacky. Why not buy a blanket covered with motorcycles for your little baby boy? Or maybe her Pretty Ladies and Stripes One Of a Kind Baby Blanket? You could even go for a fortune cookie covered baby blanket to bring your baby luck. None of those doing it for you? (However, I bet you are already excited to buy one of these blankets for your new baby.) Well maybe you could try the One Of A Kind Day of the Dead Baby Blanket, Crazy Sugar Skulls One Of a Kind Baby Blanket, or the cute Shop 'Til You Drop One of a Kind Baby Blanket for your baby girl. All these blankets are off-beat and wacky. They would make any parent smile :)

SoCal Motorcycle Club One Of A Kind Baby Blanket

Much Luck Baby One Of A Kind Baby Blanket

Crazy Sugar Skulls One Of A Kind Baby Blanket

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